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Online roulette is one of the most popular games in every and each casino. It depends on the gambler in the roulette and on one’s system of bets to be precise. A lot of professional gamblers started to win good money by playing roulette. That’s why we created a page where you can find all the systems and strategies to win big. 

A lot of modern casinos offer you a huge range of different online roulettes. You can find a European roulette, an American or French roulette, a roulette with no zero, a strip roulette, a Marvel roulette and much more. All of them have very similar rules. Gamblers make bet on numbers, colors or dozens. Depending on a number when the roulette stops, you get your payoff.

So what is the most profitable way of betting in roulette? You will get the highest payoff if you put your bet on a number. And if the number you chose wins, you`ll get x35 of your initial bet. Then you have bets on dozens with x3 winning rate. And the safest bets on equal chances with x2. According to different online sources, the online roulette gives gamblers the highest chances to win in the casino. 

In all major casinos you will find not just a classic roulette but also the live version of this popular game. This is a special type of roulette where you play with real live dealer online without leaving your house. All croupiers and dealers are real living and breathing girls with model looks. And the game itself is held in live mode for all the players simultaneously. Online roulette in live mode is really cool but also a profitable casino activity. And if your bet wins, you can leave some tips for your beautiful croupier right from your computer or smartphone.