COVID-19 Hits Las Vegas: Total Shutdown

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On Tuesday, the governor of Nevada Steve Sisolak ordered all nonessential businesses to close for a month in response to the COVID-19 threat. This includes all Las Vegas casinos as well as entertainment facilities: bars, restaurants, etc.

Sisolak’s order came into effect on March 19 and is to last for at least a month. Shutdowns are practiced nationwide. Self-isolation has proven to be the only trustworthy way to prevent the spread of the disease so far. 

According to American Gambling Association (AGA) 438 casinos and 196 Native American casinos have been closed all over the country. That is approximately the two-thirds (64%) of all gambling institutions nationwide. It would cost the national economy over $21.3 billions. 

As of today, there are over 307 thousand people infected with COVID-19 all over the world according to the research published by world health organizations. Over 26 thousand people have been infected with the virus in the USA alone. According to the recent information, approximately 300 Americans have died of complications caused by the disease and about 176 have recovered. 

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