British Builder With £1 Wins £1.6 Million In 22 Minutes

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There is a lot of information in mass media about professional poker players or people with ludomania that win huge amounts of money. And most people feel at least a little envy. And when there is a simple working man that had a good deal of luck, the only thing we want is to just be happy for the lucky man.

A 40-year old builder from a British town Spennymoor can certainly be among people from the second type. Scott Clydesdale was fortunate enough to become a millionaire in just 22 minutes and 38 seconds. He played Toy Factory Slot Machine on the Sky Vegas online casino. It’s even more amazing the bet that allowed him to win £1.6 million was just £1.

It’s no doubt that the life of the simple builder is about to change. He mentioned the planned trip with his fiancée to Florida and the willingness to spend more time on his hobby. He also wanted to meet his idol, a darts player Peter Wright. 

As for the fact of winning, Scott Clydesdale did not believe that it was happening to him until the last. Seeing that big number on the screen is one thing and realize that you have it is another. Scott was always a bit cynical about online gambling and the people who wins. We bet, now he is quite sure in it.

The symbolic check was presented in a fancy Durham hotel called Redworth Hall Hotel. Scott Clydesdale was glowing with happiness.

Sarah Hackett from Sky Vegas also congratulated the winner for joining the Sky Vegas Millionaire Club.

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